Wing Chun Wooden Dummy Buying Guide

By | October 29, 2016

Wing Chun Dummy Buying Guide – Wing Chun Wooden Dummy:

Wing Chun Dummy, WHAT that is the first thing that many people say when they hear this word for the first time. The Wing Chun dummy originates from the ancient Shaolin Temple about 300 years ago. For the monks to graduate, they practiced through a tunnel with 108 of these dummies in it. And practiced one move on each one of them forming 108 combat skills.

Wing Chun Wooden Dummy Buyer’s Guide

This form of fighting later became known as the Wing Chun form when a Buddhist nun Ng Mui combined all these techniques into one Wing Chun wooden dummy to practice these combat techniques.

Therefore, What Does the Wing Chun Dummy Help?

If you are practicing any form of kung fu, especially Wing Chun this dummy replaces your training partner and allows you to use it to master the moves in isolation.

It helps you to develop your Wing Chun skills to balance, with accuracy, positioning, speed, deflection, balance, timing, and your power.

Benefits of using the Wing Chun Dummy:

  • Good bracing and anchoring – It helps you to practice at full strength without you being concerned about an opponent. There have been many injuries when using a wooden dummy so take care.
  • Aligns your body – It helps you to align your body and great for your spine as it helps you to balance and practice power.
  • It aids your training – It helps you to practice moderate power while focusing.
  • Helps you to deflect and strike in harmony – When learning Wing Chun opposition is a common problem, and the dummy helps to strengthen blocking techniques, especially in the leg area.
  • Helps with strong palm-strikes and palm – Pushes and helps you to become flexible with your moves.
  • Enhances your accuracy in both your arms and legs and you do not need to rely on a partner when training as you can practice for hours on your own. You can adjust your power and pressure with Wing Chun Wooden Dummy.

Helps with alleviating harsh clashes and presents you with an important physical training of your limbs.

You can practice different fighting styles on the Wing Chun wooden dummy or other materials wing Chun training dummy and gain an advantage as your training improves.

What Form of Wing Chun Dummies Can You Buy

When buying a Wing Chun dummy, each one has its pros and cons. There is so many Wing Chun dummy for sale at Amazon store to buy online for Kung Fu training. But, which one is a best Wing Chun wooden dummy? This is the question in your mind. So, here are three forms of best Wing Chun dummy for sale and available online which fit your needs.

The Customary IP Man Dummy Mounted

The Customary IP Man Dummy Mounted

Wing Chun Dummy for Sale: The Customary IP Man Dummy Mounted

For the best form of practicing, you can buy these dummies made from different types of material. However, the customary dummies normally made from hardwood. When you look at the IP Man dummy, they used laminated Elmwood to make the equipment easier to handle. This one is best Wing Chun dummy for sale at Amazon.

Always make sure that the whole body is made of the wood and not only the outer form of it. You are going to beat the arms with hard punches, and it should be able to handle this beating. Therefore, you need to make sure that it is strong.

Keep the training dummy dimension in mind and if you have bought yourself the best one be prepared to pay for shipping costs, as this wood is heavy. The IP Man Wing Chun Wooden dummy has a 57-inch body and presents you with versatility, as the arms are adjustable making your training easier. The positioning of the dummies adjustable and the arms, legs, and trunks held in place on the inside of the frame.

It measures 63-inches high and 55-inches wide. For training with ease and becoming a master this one is perfect. This particular training dummy has a 5-year limited warranty and includes two complimentary striking pads.

The Wall Mount Wing Chun Dummy

The Wall Mount Wing Chun Dummy

The Wall Mount Wing Chun Dummy

Now if your space at homes limited and you do not have a training room to place one of the big boys, it is time to buy one for a smaller space. With the Wall Mount Wing Chun dummy, you receive compact training equipment you can mount to the wall.

The Wing Chun dummies made from hardwearing ash wood. The trunk of the Wing Chun wooden dummy measures 48-inches and has a flat back that takes up less room than its big brother. The trunk and wall frame smaller and gives you just the right arm and leg size to practice with ease.

These even carry a lifetime warranty against the splitting and cracking of the wood. The brackets are adjustable to match your height available in six different colors.

The Wall Mount Wing Chun wooden dummy is best for you to purchase now and get discount instantly through checkout directly from here.

The Special Recoil Stand Wing Chun Dummy

The Special Recoil Stand Wing Chun Dummy

The Special Recoil Stand Wing Chun Dummy

To make your training better and if you do not have limited space take it a step further with the Special Recoil Stand Wing Chun dummy with its modern engineering. This is the special recoil stand Wing Chun dummy for sale online which is also better for beginners.

It has the traditional design of the IP Man dummy. The Wing Chun dummies made with ash hardwood exterior and Douglas-fir core. It stands 61-inches tall, and the arm pegs are thicker. This bad boy can take some severe pounding.

It has forward-thinking recoil and not standing there dormant. The dummy absorbs kinetic energy and pushes back against your strikes. For a real-life contact, while training this is the perfect one to have. Space efficient design is great.

Each one of these Dummies presents you with a great deal and value for your money. They carry a lifetime warranty against cracking or splitting of the trunk, and you can buy them in six different colors.

Pros and Cons Related To the Different Types of Dummies

Pros of Wall Mount Dummies:

  • When practicing you get a springy feeling, and
  • It is normally one of the desired types of training dummies.

Cons of Wall Mount Dummies:

  • It is a little bit of a hassle to install and can be moved, but not a fun process, and
  • Many say it takes up more space than the freestanding one.

Pros Related to Free Standing Dummies:

  • You can place it anywhere and fits into most homes and apartments, and
  • More affordable to buy

Cons Related to Free Standing Dummies:

  • Does not give you that springy feeling you desire when practicing

How Do You Choose the Best Wing Chun Wooden Dummy?

Price Wise:

If you are like many of us, price plays an important part when choosing any form of a product. Unfortunately, this world is not perfect, and you are always concerned if you are buying the perfect one. The Wing Chun wooden dummies you can buy here at a reasonable price, as the artisanship put into them are great.

There are other dummies for sale that are custom made and may be better but costs more and receiving it takes longer.

Which One is Right for You:

This is a good question, and all depends on the amount you want as you have seen there is the traditional Wing Chun wooden dummy mount for training, a wall mounted one and the freestanding wooden dummy. There is no better option, and all depends on your needs.

Many prefer using the traditional mounting Wing Chun wooden dummy as it offers them stability. They do take up loads of space and if you have limited training space, best to look at one of the other options.

This is where the wall mounted Wing Chun wooden dummy gives you a great mix of stability and the frames smaller in size. They are great if you are not planning to move around. However, once mounted to the wall moving it becomes an impossible task.

Getting this dummy mounted to the wall is a tedious task and not a walk in the park.

The Importance of Material:

The best options to buy one made from solid wood. However, with modern engineering, you can deviate from using only wood. If you prefer wood, you can choose from many options. If the dummy you buy has a soft pine trunk, it is ok.

However, if you have loads of space and the budget, choose one made from hardwood as it can handle heavy punching. Here you can look at Wing Chun wooden dummies made from ash, oak, maple, or teak. You can also buy some of these dummies made from other forms of material such as PVC.

These are lighter and more affordable but do not present you with the same feel to it when using the wood ones.
Size Does Matter

When buying a Wing Chun dummy make sure that it will fit in the space, you are planning to use it. Make sure there is enough room for you to move. If you want to train the correct way you need that space.

Take Humidity into Consideration

Just as important as location, humidity plays an important role when placing your Wing Chun dummy. If you need to place it in your garage, where the humidity is not controlled, make sure to buy one made with wood that supports your location.

You may find that if the dummies made from teak wood the wood does not change or shift. Humidity is important, and you do not want to buy an expensive training dummy only to find that the environments destroyed it.


How You Can Save Money When Buying Your Wing Chun Dummy

We know that you may have a tight budget and want to help you make your purchase a little bit lighter with the following tips you can take into consideration:

  • The Wing Chun dummy weighs a lot. It has an odd shape that adds costs to your delivery and best to pick it up yourself if you can. Therefore, you can expect to pay quite a lot for the freight.
  • There are lower cost training dummies available made from softer plywood. Here you can glue on smaller pieces of wood to form the body and cut it to its desired shape but is still not as perfect as the ones we have here.
  • They are available in less expensive material such as PVC that is popular, but not one of our favorites and some have even made them from metal.
  • The dummy legs and arms you can buy separately and attach it to a post, punching bag or a wall.

So, if you are looking to buy best Wing Chun wooden dummy and searching Wing Chun dummy for sale on the online store, then we will help you out to buy the best Wing Chun wooden dummy for sale at Amazon.

No matter what you buy, you need to consider the material as even the less expensive wood made dummies do not come cheap. If you are handy with your hands, you can always make your one saving you labor costs.

Final Word

If you truly want to improve your Wing Chun skills, you need the correct training and equipment. You can practice by yourself, but training with a partner is better. With the help of these training dummies, you can build your skill and master this form of kung fu. In the end, it is an investment and a huge step if you want to become serious about your training. If you are planning to buy one, we hope that our Wing Chun Dummy Guide helps you to find the one you are looking for.

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