ProForce Strong Arm II Training Target Review

By | October 31, 2016

ProForce Strong Arm II Training Target Review

If you want to reach the highest level of any martial arts, you need to train. By executing all the styles from kicks, strikes, and blocks, you are able to use your skills in a natural way. This is where our ProForce Strong Arm II training target will help you to achieve your goal.

ProForce Strong Arm II Training Target Review

ProForce Strong Arm II Training Target Review

What Makes the ProForce Strong Arm II UNIQUE?

The ProForce Strong Arm II training target fastens to the free standing or hanging bag as it has an adjustable hook with a loop closure to make it fit securely to a bag. It helps you to train your blocking, weaving, trapping, and bobbing to name, a few as there are many more techniques you can use with this attachment.

The ProForce Strong Arm II targets sold separately as it consists of the top and bottom section. Additionally, you can also train on it escrima, nunchakus, and BOS strikes. Designed lightweight and has durable straps that are long. You may need some extra Velcro strips to place on it to keep it securely in place when attached to your bag.

The arms are solid and it does not have a massive weight to it. Many customers have had this training dummy for a long time and say it holds up when used for more than a year.

Features of the ProForce Strong Arm II

  • The ProForce Strong Arm II training target fastens to any hanging or free standing bag – fits 2XL Wavemaster, Powerline or comparable diameter bags,
  • It is lightweight and weighs 3.8 pounds when shipped,
  • Made with durable material and helps you with training different martial art techniques and weapon strikes,
  • Made for solo training and line drills, and
  • Works well with Wing Chun practicing as well, although the arm positioning is not ideal – however, does work well with many of the other strikes without the need of buying the more expensive training dummies.

ProForce Strong Arm II Training Target Reviews from Clients

There are not that many ProForce Strong Arm II training target reviews available online, but if you would like to see what other clients have to say you can visit Amazon. Here customers have rated it 3.8 stars out of five. The clients are pleased with the affordable price and the fact that it does not take up loads of space. The long straps allow you to place the arms in both a horizontal and vertical position. Many have bought the single strong arm as well to get the full benefit when training.


Pros and Cons Related to the ProForce


  • Made from solid material,
  • The straps can adjust and you can position the training dummy in many different positions,
  • It is great for people who have limited space as it is lightweight,
  • Although it is not made to use with a B.O.B one can create a harness with straps to attach the dummy to it, and
  • Great to train your angles and sensitive techniques


Many people who have bought the dummy trainer said that the material does not last after continuous use, however, there are many that have not had problems with the stitching tearing apart.

F.A.Q Related to the Strong Arm II

Will you be able to fit the Strong Arm II to a B.O.B dummy?

The Strong Arm II is not made for the B.O.B dummy, but you can make it fit with a special harness of straps and some duck tape to keep it from sliding.

Does the Strong Arm have two arms at the top or the bottom?

There are two products available that you can buy the Strong Arm and Strong Arm II. The Strong Arm II has two arms and when buying both of them you have a three-arm configuration you can attach to your bag.

What does the Strong Arm II measure?

It measures 20-inches x 16-inches when out of its box and when still in the box it measures 20 x 16 x 13-inches.

Will you be able to use it for far apart Wing Chun?

You can use it for some Wing Chun styles, but for far apart techniques, it may not work effectively enough.

Final Thoughts

If you are a beginner at martial art training and need, a partner to train against this ProForce Strong Arm II training targets made for you. You can buy it at an affordable price and lightweight enough to take it with you anywhere you go. The straps are long enough to use it in different positions when attached to a bag. For the expert Wing Chun fighter, we recommend you rather buy yourself the Winch Chun dummy made from wood to enhance your skills more.


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