Wing Chun Wooden Dummy with Modern Free Stand Review

By | December 21, 2016

Wing Chun Dummy with Modern Free Stand Review

Are you training to become a Wing Chun expert! You are! Then you know if you want to perfect this art, you need to practice? This is why we have one of the best Wing Chun Dummy with Modern Free Stand available here.

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Wing Chun Dummy with Modern Free Stand:

The general markets filled with woodman for sale and investing in the right one, in the end, is the best choice you will make. You need a reliable source and this is where the Wing Chun Wooden Dummy with its Modern Free stand comes in handy.

Wing Chun Dummy with Recoil Reaction Stand

Wing Chun Dummy with Recoil Reaction Stand

The woodman’s made by Warriors and is a contemporary freestanding apparatus. It’s ideal to use in a room with limited space as it’s portable and you can set it up anywhere. It has a 3 x 3 FT base with included 4 octagons ¾ -inch space plates making height adjustment easier. It has a 3-inch height adjustment available. You can weigh down the weight tray found at the rear of the stand.

Using bricks, gravel, metal, or sand weights is perfect to keep the Wing Chun Dummy secure in place and helps to prevent damage to the base. It’s an exceptional device if you’re practicing traditional WC. It has a 9 board laminated trunk and comes with a lifetime warranty against cracks and splitting.

The Best Investment You will Make:

The arms and legs of the wooden man consist of Ash Hardwood while the trunks made from Douglas FUR Core and Ash Hardwood. It has a 15-inch thick exterior and the manufacturer has used Ash to make the ax handles and baseball bats.

[su_note note_color=”#fef5c4″ text_color=”#000000″ radius=”0″]The dummy stands 60-inches tall and has a 9-inch diameter. The Wing Chung Dummy is a hefty device weighing 85 LBS with 8.5-inch spacing between the middle and upper arms. The spacing from the mid-arm to the leg is the same 8.5-inches. The legs are 3 x 3-inch thick and the legs are 2.25 x 2.25-inches thick. It has 2 x 1.5/8-inch thick wooden dummy arm pegs, making this a durable training apparatus.[/su_note]

The nice thing about these wooden dummies is that you can choose from a wide selection of colors:

  • Black
  • Natural
  • Jacobean
  • Mahogany
  • Sedona Red
  • Golden Pecan

Let’s look out some unbelievable quality features of this Modern free stand Wing Chun wooden dummy.

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  • You have a choice of choosing from six different colors when ordering your Wing Chun Dummy,
  • You receive a lifetime warranty on the trunk against cracking and splitting,
  • The wooden man works with multiple types of stands from using bricks to metal stands,
  • The WC is made from quality Ash and Douglas FUR Core hardwood,
  • You can use the training Wing Chun wooden dummy anywhere from inside the home to the outdoors all depending on the season,
  • This Kung Fu Wing Chun Wooden Dummy is made by hand and to order so make sure to check the delivery time,
  • The base is 3 x 3 FT and consist of 4 octagons ¾ -inch space plates,
  • It has a 3-inch height adjustment,
  • The Wing Chun Dummy stands 60-inches tall and has a 9-inch diameter,
  • It weighs in at 85 LBS,
  • The spacing between the middle & upper arms and the mid-arm to the legs are the same 8.5-inches,
  • The legs are 3 x 3-inches thick and the legs are 2.25 x 2.25-inches thick,
  • The arm pegs are 2 x 1.5/8-inch thick,



Customer Feedback

When one reads all the available Wing Chun Dummy with Modern Free Stand customers reviews are pleased with the product. Users have some great things to say about this specific brand and say that it’s made from top quality wood and looks gorgeous. Others feel it’s a top notch and excellent training device.


  • Made from quality wood,
  • Can use the woodman anywhere in the home or even outdoors,
  • Choose from six different color designs,
  • They are made by hand and you can see the quality workmanship used,
  • Made for rooms with limited space,
  • Fits all types of stands from free standing to the traditional stand,


  • Would have been nice if the wooden dummy’s sold with the training pads

Final Thoughts

Now that you know that you need a WC trainer in your home why not buy yourself the Wing Chun Dummy with Modern Free Stand. As you can see, it’s made from durable Ash and Douglas FUR Core hardwood. It has all the needed arms and legs for training and perfecting your WC moves. You can place it anywhere as it fits on most of the stands from free standing to traditional stands. You can buy the training pads separately if you’re only starting out with your training to lessen the impact. These can be attached if you’re an entry-level trainer and once becoming an expert you can remove them. Start training today – what are you waiting for!

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