Modern Hybrids, List of Best Chinese Martial art

By | December 30, 2016

Modern Hybrids, List of Best Chinese Martial Art:

World famous Chinese martial art is having lots techniques of Karate, Kung fu, Wing Chun etc. Chinese martial art is very old as you all know and updating new martial art forms for modern techniques of fights. So, now we are going to introduce the new martial art form which called Modern Hybrids.

Modern Hybrids, List of Chinese Martial Art

Modern Hybrids, List of Chinese Martial Art:

Best Modern Hybrids of Chinese Martial Art:

We have list out the best and word famous modern Chinese martial art techniques which you can use for your future martial art training. These top 8 modern hybrids of Chinese martial art are the best as per martial art legendaries. So, here is the list of best Chinese Martial Art for modern hybrids.

  1. Tien Shan Pai
  2. Hong Cha
  3. Jeet Kune Do
  4. Jing Quan Dao
  5. Kenpo
  6. Kuntao
  7. Sanshou
  8. Wushu (Sport)

These are the list of Modern Chinese Martial art which includes Kenpo, Kuntao, Jeet Kune Do, Tien Shan Pai, Sanshou, Hong Cha, Wushu. These modern hybrids martial art techniques are best to use to beat other new fighting techniques.

The Chinese martial art legendaries Li Ching-Yuen, Bruce Lee, Tao Zhong Xian, James Mitose, Liu Hailong are the best in these modern hybrids of Chinese Martial art. For whom, those who are really want to become a master in modern hybrids must have to learn these best Chinese martial art.

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