Wing Chun AttachMate For Wooden Dummy Trainer Review

By | May 7, 2017

Wing Chun Attachmate For Dummy – Trainer Review

Wing Chun goes back in history and as these techniques growing, a relaxing, and a healthy way of keeping fit. With our Attachmate Wing Chun dummy trainer review, you will be surprised at how important this equipment is making you practice like a pro.

There is loads of martial art equipment available online here, but the Attachmate lets you build and work on your multitude of skills. You can use this training dummy in many different ways to develop your skills further.

What Makes the Attachmate Wing Chun Dummy Trainer Special?

For one, you can buy the Attachmate at an affordable price directly from us, and the great thing is that it straps to any post, punching bag, or wave master. It is a versatile training dummy you can use anywhere when needed.

The only concern is that there have been minor complaints about the plastic wearing out after more than a year’s use. If you are a beginner to the art of Wing Chun, this trainer comes highly recommended to develop your fighting skills. While traveling, you can take your training dummy with you and that is a bonus.

It consists of dummy arms that you connect with the straps to a heavy bag and acts exactly like your freestanding Wing Chun dummy. It is extremely lightweight, packs away easily, and made of plastic material. The

Provided straps are adjustable.

The arms are spring action but do not have actual springs in. The arms connected through a flexible base plate. The manufacturer covers all damages and replaces the parts. You receive included two supply base plates, three plastic arms, and three extra long straps.

For a martial arts enthusiast, this equipment is great as it moves and spins to give you that extra dimension in your training. However, you may need to secure your heavy bag to the floor.

How Does the Wing Chun Dummy Attachmate Work?

There are three holes on the upper base plate made from pliable hard plastic and the arms slide through it to fit securely making them tight. With the second base plate, you position it behind the one with the arms and lock them in place.

You have three available slots found on the side of the plates to slide through the Velcro straps and attach it to the complete system making it fit secure around your bag. Check here Wing Chun Dummy Attachmate for punching bag.

The complete base from the arms measure:

  • 2 ¾ wide,
  • 11 ¾ length from the elbow to the palm, and
  • 1 ¾ wide when sized to your forearm and wrist

Quality Features:

  • The Attachmate is very portable and easy to assemble with a free standing or punching bag,
  • It fits over most bags as it has adjustable straps, however, does not work with the Century BOB bags,
  • It has spring action arms,
  • The materials, durable and long lasting, and
  • The manufacturer replaces all damage parts if you happen by chance to break it.

Attachmate Wing Chun Dummy Reviews

When reading the many different Wing Chun dummy Attachmate reviews, customers like that it is a portable training dummy, you can take with you while traveling. It straps to most bags and trains your fighting skills almost anywhere. Many have said that it is lightweight and a bonus when packed away. The only concern is the material used as many feel it may not last longer than a year when used. The Wing Chun Dummy Attachmate Buy online directly from the checkout button given below. You can also get the great discount to buy now with the best price of Wing Chun Dummy for sale. There are also available Used Wing Chun Dummies here.

Attachmate Wing Chun Dummy Trainer Review price

Attachmate Wing Chun Dummy Trainer

Pros and Cons Related to the Attachmate Dummy


  • Presents you with access to training anywhere if you have a heavy bag available,
  • It is very lightweight and a breeze to carry around with you,
  • It stores away with ease,
  • This Wing Chun Dummy is great for beginners, and
  • This is an affordable option if you have a tight budget.


  • It is not a wooden dummy and will not last forever,
  • This Dummy is not as rigid as a wooden one,
  • It is made from plastic and not as durable as wood

As you can see, the Attachmate is not a full-time replacement if you need to advance in your training. It is great if you are only starting out new with Wing Chun and one cannot compare it with a wooden dummy.

Final Thoughts

The Wing Chun dummy Attachmate trainer is great to use when traveling as it is versatile to attach to a heavy bag. It may not be a replacement, but for the beginner only starting out it will help to improve your kung fu skills. It is great to use while you are deciding if you want to go permanently into martial arts, as it is an affordable option. Once you are ready to go at it, full-time we recommend you buy yourself a wooden freestanding Wing Chun dummy or buy Wing Chun Dummy arm Attachmate to develop all the kung fu steps found in the arts.

Check Out the Wing Chun Dummy Buying Guide which can help you to find out best dummy for sale.

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