Wing Chun Dummy With Never Broken Wooden Material

By | May 14, 2017

Wing Chun Mind Never Broken Wooden Dummy Review:

[su_note note_color=”#f9e5e5″ text_color=”#000000″ radius=”0″]When one looks at the Wing Chun Mind Never Broken wooden dummy it looks like a contraption with a funny stick like man look. However, this freestanding dummy looks very close to the traditional one of old. The only difference is that this one is half the cost.[/su_note]

Never Broken Wing Chun Wooden Dummy:

The Wing Chun wooden dummy it has an iron tube with a thickness of 2.8mm and an affordable alternative compared to the traditional wooden ones. You can use the training dummy inside or outside. The iron is durable and one can expose them to the elements outdoors.

Wing Chun Mind Never Broken Wooden Dummy Review

Wing Chun Mind Never Broken Wooden Dummy Review

The leg and arm constructed from elm wood that is a very exotic hardwood and traditionally used for making pillars on houses in the countryside of China. The Kung Fu Wing Chun Dummy Equipment you can train all your Wing Chun styles and even suitable for the beginner.

An Exceptional Kung Fu Wing Chun Wooden Dummy:

It has a tripod iron base to place on the ground outside or even on a mat. It has different bolts to mount it to the floor keeping it securely in place. There are other styles available as well where the base has suction cups. It has a total height of 165 cm and the height of the base is 21cm. The trunk diameter is 20cm and the metal base measures 43cm.

The inside of the tubes, hollow and you can place something into the tube to adjust the weight. You receive included high-quality pads in this Wing Chun wooden dummy.

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  • Wing Chun Kung Fu dummy has an iron body with arms and legs made of elm hardwood,
  • The arms and legs are smoothly finished,
  • The total height of the Winch Chun wooden dummy is 64.96-inches,
  • The height of the base is 8.26-inches,
  • The diameter of the trunk is 7-inches and the metal base diameter are 16-inches,
  • The distance between the two top arms are 9-inches when opened and 7-inches when closed,
  • The cross section of the leg is 2.7-inches x 2.7-inches and bigger at the knee,
  • The trainer is suitable for a person with a height of 64-inches to 68-inches, and
  • You receive included premium pads with a lifetime warranty with this Wing Chun Kung Fu dummy.



Wing Chun Mind Never Broken Wooden Dummy Review

There are not many, Wing Chun Mind Never Broken Wooden Dummy Reviews available and only a few clients have bought this product from Amazon. Overall, they have given it an exceptional rating and very pleased with the price, durability, and great for training. The only downside is that it does take long by freight and can become a bit costly.

Wing Chun Wooden Dummy Review

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Pros and Cons Related to the Wing Chun Kung Fu Wooden Dummy


  • Compared to the traditional Wing Chun Wooden Dummy this iron one is affordable,
  • It has a sturdy and durable body to handle all those hard punches and should last for a couple of years, and
  • It has an excellent warranty,


  • It does take long by freight to reach you and could add some additional costs when bought

FAQ Related to the Wing Chun Dummy

How long does the shipping take?

It can take up to a week to receive your product if living in the USA.

How do you anchor the training dummy to the ground?

It has an iron base to mount to the ground outside or inside. There are other mounting bases available that use 10 suction cups.

With what can you fill the iron tube for additional weight?

You can make some canvas bags with soybean in it placed into the tube and adjust the weight accordingly to with Wing Chun Dummy.

Wing Chun Dummy Buy Online


Always remember when using the Wing Chun Mind Never Broken Wooden Dummy it is not comparable with a punching bag. It is a unique piece of equipment to combine the principles of martial art. You need to punch it hard without feeling pain. With the dummy, you can perfect your Wing Chun Dummy skills methodically and progress throughout the stages of your training. The Wing Chun Wooden Dummy training dummy is a valuable asset as it helps to perfect your hand forms while learning at a practical level. With this trainer, you will master all the skills of Wing Chun Wooden Dummy and reach your goal of becoming a master of the arts.

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