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Wing Chun Dummy With Never Broken Wooden Material

Wing Chun Dummy With Never Broken Wooden Material

Wing Chun Mind Never Broken Wooden Dummy Review:

When one looks at the Wing Chun Mind Never Broken wooden dummy it looks like a contraption with a funny stick like man look. However, this freestanding dummy looks very close to the traditional one of old. The only difference is that this one is half the cost.

Never Broken Wing Chun Wooden Dummy:

The Wing Chun wooden dummy it has an iron tube with a thickness of 2.8mm and an affordable alternative compared to the traditional wooden ones. You can use the training dummy inside or outside. The iron is durable and one can expose them to the elements outdoors.

Wing Chun Mind Never Broken Wooden Dummy Review
Wing Chun Mind Never Broken Wooden Dummy Review

The leg and arm constructed from elm wood that is a very exotic hardwood and traditionally used for making pillars on houses in the countryside of China. The Kung Fu Wing Chun Dummy Equipment you can train all your Wing Chun styles and even suitable for the beginner.

An Exceptional Kung Fu Wing Chun Wooden Dummy:

It has a tripod iron base to place on the ground outside or even on a mat. It has different bolts to mount it to the floor keeping it securely in place. There are other styles available as well where the base has suction cups. It has a total height of 165 cm and the height of the base is 21cm. The trunk diameter is 20cm and the metal base measures 43cm.

The inside of the tubes, hollow and you can place something into the tube to adjust the weight. You receive included high-quality pads in this Wing Chun wooden dummy.


  • Wing Chun Kung Fu dummy has an iron body with arms and legs made of elm hardwood,
  • The arms and legs are smoothly finished,
  • The total height of the Winch Chun wooden dummy is 64.96-inches,
  • The height of the base is 8.26-inches,
  • The diameter of the trunk is 7-inches and the metal base diameter are 16-inches,
  • The distance between the two top arms are 9-inches when opened and 7-inches when closed,
  • The cross section of the leg is 2.7-inches x 2.7-inches and bigger at the knee,
  • The trainer is suitable for a person with a height of 64-inches to 68-inches, and
  • You receive included premium pads with a lifetime warranty with this Wing Chun Kung Fu dummy.

Wing Chun Mind Never Broken Wooden Dummy Review

There are not many, Wing Chun Mind Never Broken Wooden Dummy Reviews available and only a few clients have bought this product from Amazon. Overall, they have given it an exceptional rating and very pleased with the price, durability, and great for training. The only downside is that it does take long by freight and can become a bit costly.

Wing Chun Wooden Dummy Review
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Pros and Cons Related to the Wing Chun Kung Fu Wooden Dummy


  • Compared to the traditional Wing Chun Wooden Dummy this iron one is affordable,
  • It has a sturdy and durable body to handle all those hard punches and should last for a couple of years, and
  • It has an excellent warranty,


  • It does take long by freight to reach you and could add some additional costs when bought

FAQ Related to the Wing Chun Dummy

How long does the shipping take?

It can take up to a week to receive your product if living in the USA.

How do you anchor the training dummy to the ground?

It has an iron base to mount to the ground outside or inside. There are other mounting bases available that use 10 suction cups.

With what can you fill the iron tube for additional weight?

You can make some canvas bags with soybean in it placed into the tube and adjust the weight accordingly to with Wing Chun Dummy.

Wing Chun Dummy Buy Online


Always remember when using the Wing Chun Mind Never Broken Wooden Dummy it is not comparable with a punching bag. It is a unique piece of equipment to combine the principles of martial art. You need to punch it hard without feeling pain. With the dummy, you can perfect your Wing Chun Dummy skills methodically and progress throughout the stages of your training. The Wing Chun Wooden Dummy training dummy is a valuable asset as it helps to perfect your hand forms while learning at a practical level. With this trainer, you will master all the skills of Wing Chun Wooden Dummy and reach your goal of becoming a master of the arts.

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Wing Chun AttachMate For Wooden Dummy Trainer Review

Wing Chun AttachMate For Wooden Dummy Trainer Review

Wing Chun Attachmate For Dummy – Trainer Review

Wing Chun goes back in history and as these techniques growing, a relaxing, and a healthy way of keeping fit. With our Attachmate Wing Chun dummy trainer review, you will be surprised at how important this equipment is making you practice like a pro.

There is loads of martial art equipment available online here, but the Attachmate lets you build and work on your multitude of skills. You can use this training dummy in many different ways to develop your skills further.

What Makes the Attachmate Wing Chun Dummy Trainer Special?

For one, you can buy the Attachmate at an affordable price directly from us, and the great thing is that it straps to any post, punching bag, or wave master. It is a versatile training dummy you can use anywhere when needed.

The only concern is that there have been minor complaints about the plastic wearing out after more than a year’s use. If you are a beginner to the art of Wing Chun, this trainer comes highly recommended to develop your fighting skills. While traveling, you can take your training dummy with you and that is a bonus.

It consists of dummy arms that you connect with the straps to a heavy bag and acts exactly like your freestanding Wing Chun dummy. It is extremely lightweight, packs away easily, and made of plastic material. The

Provided straps are adjustable.

The arms are spring action but do not have actual springs in. The arms connected through a flexible base plate. The manufacturer covers all damages and replaces the parts. You receive included two supply base plates, three plastic arms, and three extra long straps.

For a martial arts enthusiast, this equipment is great as it moves and spins to give you that extra dimension in your training. However, you may need to secure your heavy bag to the floor.

How Does the Wing Chun Dummy Attachmate Work?

There are three holes on the upper base plate made from pliable hard plastic and the arms slide through it to fit securely making them tight. With the second base plate, you position it behind the one with the arms and lock them in place.

You have three available slots found on the side of the plates to slide through the Velcro straps and attach it to the complete system making it fit secure around your bag. Check here Wing Chun Dummy Attachmate for punching bag.

The complete base from the arms measure:

  • 2 ¾ wide,
  • 11 ¾ length from the elbow to the palm, and
  • 1 ¾ wide when sized to your forearm and wrist

Quality Features:

  • The Attachmate is very portable and easy to assemble with a free standing or punching bag,
  • It fits over most bags as it has adjustable straps, however, does not work with the Century BOB bags,
  • It has spring action arms,
  • The materials, durable and long lasting, and
  • The manufacturer replaces all damage parts if you happen by chance to break it.

Attachmate Wing Chun Dummy Reviews

When reading the many different Wing Chun dummy Attachmate reviews, customers like that it is a portable training dummy, you can take with you while traveling. It straps to most bags and trains your fighting skills almost anywhere. Many have said that it is lightweight and a bonus when packed away. The only concern is the material used as many feel it may not last longer than a year when used. The Wing Chun Dummy Attachmate Buy online directly from the checkout button given below. You can also get the great discount to buy now with the best price of Wing Chun Dummy for sale. There are also available Used Wing Chun Dummies here.

Attachmate Wing Chun Dummy Trainer Review price
Attachmate Wing Chun Dummy Trainer

Pros and Cons Related to the Attachmate Dummy


  • Presents you with access to training anywhere if you have a heavy bag available,
  • It is very lightweight and a breeze to carry around with you,
  • It stores away with ease,
  • This Wing Chun Dummy is great for beginners, and
  • This is an affordable option if you have a tight budget.


  • It is not a wooden dummy and will not last forever,
  • This Dummy is not as rigid as a wooden one,
  • It is made from plastic and not as durable as wood

As you can see, the Attachmate is not a full-time replacement if you need to advance in your training. It is great if you are only starting out new with Wing Chun and one cannot compare it with a wooden dummy.

Final Thoughts

The Wing Chun dummy Attachmate trainer is great to use when traveling as it is versatile to attach to a heavy bag. It may not be a replacement, but for the beginner only starting out it will help to improve your kung fu skills. It is great to use while you are deciding if you want to go permanently into martial arts, as it is an affordable option. Once you are ready to go at it, full-time we recommend you buy yourself a wooden freestanding Wing Chun dummy or buy Wing Chun Dummy arm Attachmate to develop all the kung fu steps found in the arts.

Check Out the Wing Chun Dummy Buying Guide which can help you to find out best dummy for sale.

Wing Chun Wooden Dummy Mook Yan Jong Review

Wing Chun Wooden Dummy Mook Yan Jong Review

Wing Chun Wooden Dummy Mook Yan Jong Review – Become a Wing Chun Expert Today

If you’re looking for a traditional wooden dummy or Woodman post, look no further. You can now buy the Wing Chun Wooden Dummy Mook Yan Jong and receive a life warranty on it.

This classical device will help you become a Wing Chun expert in no time. Now you too can practice your form and develop your precision to build more power when taking part in this art.

Wing Chun Wooden Dummy Mook Yan Jong Review:

Wing Chun participants who want to improve their art needs a traditional dummy made from durable hardwood. These models consist of laminated Elmwood and can handle anything that you throw at it from hard punches to hard kicks.

Why You Should Buy the Wing Chun Wooden Dummy:

Wing Chun Dummy with Included Wall Mount Stand

As the leg and arms are going to take a hard beating, the Wing Chun Wooden Dummy Mook Yan Jong even comes with included striking protective pads. You may think we’re a bit old-fashioned, but the best wooden dummy should be made of wood. Once you lay your hands and feet on this device, your drive and purpose become real.

You can be a beginner to an expert, but when you perform on this model, you become one with the device and leads to great advantage. It has a height of 67-inches and a diameter of 8-inches. The nice thing about this unit is that you can adjust the dummy arms to any leveled or staggered position. Each arm has a length of 22-inches.

It comes with a wooden base to use in different environments from inside to outside your home. This wooden dummy has a large metal base with suction cups to keep it secure on smooth places.

It has two included striking pads. You can even adjust the dummy’s position and the trunk, legs and arms fit securely in the frame.

This is not a plastic or metal imitation and for the best practice on this wooden dummy, it to get the upper arms set according to your shoulder height.

How Can the Wing Chun Wooden Dummy Mook Yan Help You:

Instead of visiting a studio that has different types of Wing Chun Kung Fu dummies available you may still find that they do not have the relevant equipment. By buying your own practice dummy, you can enjoy perfecting the art in the comfort of your home.

By having access to your own personal wooden man, you can truly improve your Wing Chun Kung Fu skills. Having your own Kung Fu Wing Chun device is the best investment you will make. If you’re serious about learning the art, the Mook Jong will be the best step to take.

Another, great thing when ordering it directly online is that you can even get free shipping included with your purchase. Imagine ordering this unit and paying extra for the weight costs. Some other great reasons are that the woods, durable, and the holes are uninformed.

The arms you can set up in two different ways, and you can use the striking pads or remove it if you prefer. The horizontal and upper supports have a great spring to it. For the entry-level WC trainer, this makes a great addition to your home.

So, let’s have a look on some great feature of this best wooden dummy for sale.


  • The Wing Chun Wooden Dummy Mook Yan is made of laminated Elmwood,
  • It has a height of 57-inches and a diameter of 8-inches,
  • You can adjust the arms to nearly every position from level with your body to a staggered position,
  • Each arm measures 22-inch,
  • The frame height is 63-inches, and it has a width of 55-inches,
  • The frame adjusts to three different positions,
  • You can buy the wooden man in three different wood colors one with red laminated body, a solid red body, yellow laminated body and solid yellow body,
  • The dummy body is made for entry-level WC practice,
  • It includes two extra striking pads that you can fasten to the dummy body, and
  • You receive a lifetime warranty on the Wing Chun dummy

Customer Feedback

When you look at the Wing Chun Wooden Dummy Mook Yan Jong Customer Reviews available on the line, there are some users that are pleased with the product. However, others do have some minor complaints. Those that have given the WC dummy a good rating says that it’s an affordable WC trainer to use at home. The device is easy to put together and has detailed instructions included to set it up. Those who were not that pleased complained about the wood starting to crack after a year of use.

What’s There to like about the Wing Chun Mook Yan Jong Dummy

  • Affordable to buy,
  • Setting up the wooden dummy is straightforward,
  • The Kung Fu Wing Chun Dummy is made from solid wood,
  • The arms and the body can adjust,
  • Includes free shipping that is great when it comes to the weight of the product,
  • It has a sturdy build that can handle the impact, and
  • It is a perfect device to improve your WC techniques in the comfort of your home,

What’s There not to like about the Wing Chun Mook Yan Jong Dummy

  • The workmanship on the wooden dummy could be better as it starts to crack after a year of use
  • Some users complained that they did not receive English instructions to set it up

Final Thoughts

If you’re planning to take up the arts of Wing Chun, the Wing Chun Wooden Dummy Mook Yan Jong is an affordable device that you can set up with ease in your home. Even with the complaints of the wood cracking, we have noted some more expensive devices that also lack workmanship and seem to be a norm. This is a great entry-level WC to improve on your Wing Chun moves.

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Wing Chun Wooden Dummy with Modern Free Stand Review

Wing Chun Wooden Dummy with Modern Free Stand Review

Wing Chun Dummy with Modern Free Stand Review

Are you training to become a Wing Chun expert! You are! Then you know if you want to perfect this art, you need to practice? This is why we have one of the best Wing Chun Dummy with Modern Free Stand available here.

We know how complicated it can be to find the right apparatus to practice on and here to provide you with additional information on this training device.

Wing Chun Dummy with Modern Free Stand:

The general markets filled with woodman for sale and investing in the right one, in the end, is the best choice you will make. You need a reliable source and this is where the Wing Chun Wooden Dummy with its Modern Free stand comes in handy.

Wing Chun Dummy with Recoil Reaction Stand
Wing Chun Dummy with Recoil Reaction Stand

The woodman’s made by Warriors and is a contemporary freestanding apparatus. It’s ideal to use in a room with limited space as it’s portable and you can set it up anywhere. It has a 3 x 3 FT base with included 4 octagons ¾ -inch space plates making height adjustment easier. It has a 3-inch height adjustment available. You can weigh down the weight tray found at the rear of the stand.

Using bricks, gravel, metal, or sand weights is perfect to keep the Wing Chun Dummy secure in place and helps to prevent damage to the base. It’s an exceptional device if you’re practicing traditional WC. It has a 9 board laminated trunk and comes with a lifetime warranty against cracks and splitting.

The Best Investment You will Make:

The arms and legs of the wooden man consist of Ash Hardwood while the trunks made from Douglas FUR Core and Ash Hardwood. It has a 15-inch thick exterior and the manufacturer has used Ash to make the ax handles and baseball bats.

The dummy stands 60-inches tall and has a 9-inch diameter. The Wing Chung Dummy is a hefty device weighing 85 LBS with 8.5-inch spacing between the middle and upper arms. The spacing from the mid-arm to the leg is the same 8.5-inches. The legs are 3 x 3-inch thick and the legs are 2.25 x 2.25-inches thick. It has 2 x 1.5/8-inch thick wooden dummy arm pegs, making this a durable training apparatus.

The nice thing about these wooden dummies is that you can choose from a wide selection of colors:

  • Black
  • Natural
  • Jacobean
  • Mahogany
  • Sedona Red
  • Golden Pecan

Let’s look out some unbelievable quality features of this Modern free stand Wing Chun wooden dummy.


  • You have a choice of choosing from six different colors when ordering your Wing Chun Dummy,
  • You receive a lifetime warranty on the trunk against cracking and splitting,
  • The wooden man works with multiple types of stands from using bricks to metal stands,
  • The WC is made from quality Ash and Douglas FUR Core hardwood,
  • You can use the training Wing Chun wooden dummy anywhere from inside the home to the outdoors all depending on the season,
  • This Kung Fu Wing Chun Wooden Dummy is made by hand and to order so make sure to check the delivery time,
  • The base is 3 x 3 FT and consist of 4 octagons ¾ -inch space plates,
  • It has a 3-inch height adjustment,
  • The Wing Chun Dummy stands 60-inches tall and has a 9-inch diameter,
  • It weighs in at 85 LBS,
  • The spacing between the middle & upper arms and the mid-arm to the legs are the same 8.5-inches,
  • The legs are 3 x 3-inches thick and the legs are 2.25 x 2.25-inches thick,
  • The arm pegs are 2 x 1.5/8-inch thick,

Customer Feedback

When one reads all the available Wing Chun Dummy with Modern Free Stand customers reviews are pleased with the product. Users have some great things to say about this specific brand and say that it’s made from top quality wood and looks gorgeous. Others feel it’s a top notch and excellent training device.


  • Made from quality wood,
  • Can use the woodman anywhere in the home or even outdoors,
  • Choose from six different color designs,
  • They are made by hand and you can see the quality workmanship used,
  • Made for rooms with limited space,
  • Fits all types of stands from free standing to the traditional stand,


  • Would have been nice if the wooden dummy’s sold with the training pads

Final Thoughts

Now that you know that you need a WC trainer in your home why not buy yourself the Wing Chun Dummy with Modern Free Stand. As you can see, it’s made from durable Ash and Douglas FUR Core hardwood. It has all the needed arms and legs for training and perfecting your WC moves. You can place it anywhere as it fits on most of the stands from free standing to traditional stands. You can buy the training pads separately if you’re only starting out with your training to lessen the impact. These can be attached if you’re an entry-level trainer and once becoming an expert you can remove them. Start training today – what are you waiting for!

ProForce Strong Arm II Training Target Review

ProForce Strong Arm II Training Target Review

ProForce Strong Arm II Training Target Review

If you want to reach the highest level of any martial arts, you need to train. By executing all the styles from kicks, strikes, and blocks, you are able to use your skills in a natural way. This is where our ProForce Strong Arm II training target will help you to achieve your goal.

ProForce Strong Arm II Training Target Review
ProForce Strong Arm II Training Target Review

What Makes the ProForce Strong Arm II UNIQUE?

The ProForce Strong Arm II training target fastens to the free standing or hanging bag as it has an adjustable hook with a loop closure to make it fit securely to a bag. It helps you to train your blocking, weaving, trapping, and bobbing to name, a few as there are many more techniques you can use with this attachment.

The ProForce Strong Arm II targets sold separately as it consists of the top and bottom section. Additionally, you can also train on it escrima, nunchakus, and BOS strikes. Designed lightweight and has durable straps that are long. You may need some extra Velcro strips to place on it to keep it securely in place when attached to your bag.

The arms are solid and it does not have a massive weight to it. Many customers have had this training dummy for a long time and say it holds up when used for more than a year.

Features of the ProForce Strong Arm II

  • The ProForce Strong Arm II training target fastens to any hanging or free standing bag – fits 2XL Wavemaster, Powerline or comparable diameter bags,
  • It is lightweight and weighs 3.8 pounds when shipped,
  • Made with durable material and helps you with training different martial art techniques and weapon strikes,
  • Made for solo training and line drills, and
  • Works well with Wing Chun practicing as well, although the arm positioning is not ideal – however, does work well with many of the other strikes without the need of buying the more expensive training dummies.

ProForce Strong Arm II Training Target Reviews from Clients

There are not that many ProForce Strong Arm II training target reviews available online, but if you would like to see what other clients have to say you can visit Amazon. Here customers have rated it 3.8 stars out of five. The clients are pleased with the affordable price and the fact that it does not take up loads of space. The long straps allow you to place the arms in both a horizontal and vertical position. Many have bought the single strong arm as well to get the full benefit when training.


Pros and Cons Related to the ProForce


  • Made from solid material,
  • The straps can adjust and you can position the training dummy in many different positions,
  • It is great for people who have limited space as it is lightweight,
  • Although it is not made to use with a B.O.B one can create a harness with straps to attach the dummy to it, and
  • Great to train your angles and sensitive techniques


Many people who have bought the dummy trainer said that the material does not last after continuous use, however, there are many that have not had problems with the stitching tearing apart.

F.A.Q Related to the Strong Arm II

Will you be able to fit the Strong Arm II to a B.O.B dummy?

The Strong Arm II is not made for the B.O.B dummy, but you can make it fit with a special harness of straps and some duck tape to keep it from sliding.

Does the Strong Arm have two arms at the top or the bottom?

There are two products available that you can buy the Strong Arm and Strong Arm II. The Strong Arm II has two arms and when buying both of them you have a three-arm configuration you can attach to your bag.

What does the Strong Arm II measure?

It measures 20-inches x 16-inches when out of its box and when still in the box it measures 20 x 16 x 13-inches.

Will you be able to use it for far apart Wing Chun?

You can use it for some Wing Chun styles, but for far apart techniques, it may not work effectively enough.

Final Thoughts

If you are a beginner at martial art training and need, a partner to train against this ProForce Strong Arm II training targets made for you. You can buy it at an affordable price and lightweight enough to take it with you anywhere you go. The straps are long enough to use it in different positions when attached to a bag. For the expert Wing Chun fighter, we recommend you rather buy yourself the Winch Chun dummy made from wood to enhance your skills more.